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The Salon Suite Difference

We're here to accomodate your growth.

The Single Suite

A single salon-suite means there is one styling chair per salon. The equipment that comes with your suite allows for creative variations on how you use your space. 

The Double Suite

We have exactly TWO suites that were designed to accommodate two stylists working together. These have two styling chairs. First come, first serve. 

Salon Equipment

You need top of the line equipment to speak for your salon. You wouldn't build your salon around anything else.


  • Cushioned Extra-Wide Seat
  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Pump for easy adjustment of clients
  • Durable Footrest
  • Rounded Upholstered Metal Arm-Rests
  • Comfort and modern style


  • Extra-Wide Adjustable Sliding Seat
  • Tilting Italian Porcelain Bowl
  • Single Handle Italian Fixture
  • Upholstered Metal Armrests
  • Backwash Unit sits atop a beautifully finished metal base that offers superior support and durability
  • Luxurious experience for clients


  • Extra-wide & durable seat for maximum client comfort
  • Upholstered metal armrests combining comfort and style


  • Large stainless steel sink
  • Two large storage cabinets (bottom)
  • Versatile utility drawer
  • Backsplash
  • Four storage cabinets (top)
  • 24 color storage cubbies that will hold over 200 tubes of color

Mirror, Mirror

  • 66" full-length LED mirror
  • LED mirror features a built-in LED lit frame with an easy and accessible on/off button
  • mirror includes an embedded dimmable LED light
  • Right side of the styling station features an upper storage cabinet,¬†two utility drawers, an appliance drawer with a slide-out tool panel to accommodate one blow dryer and two curling irons and extra lower drawer for additional storage
  • Left side of the station offers even more storage space with two large cabinets
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